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Billur Sea Salt (Tuz) 1.5 Kg

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It is produced by adding iodine to refined sea salt to meet the needs of our body. It should be kept closed in a cool, dry, moisture-free and light-free environment. Billur Refined Lodized Table Salt is prepared by the method of resting and cleaning the brine, which is prepared by completely dissolving cheapest supermarket raw salt in water at high temperature, and reproducing crystals from salt water with the help of vacuum. Refined salt crystals become thin and round.

Billur Sea Salt 1.5 Kg

The refining method of crystal salt is "International Salt Co." is patented. In this method, raw sea salt is completely dissolved in water. Salt crystals are re-formed from the obtained brine under high temperature and vacuum. The formed salt crystals are dried at high temperature. White, pure and flowing cheapest supermarket salt crystals are packed in fully automatic machines without touching.

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