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Ulker White Chocolate Bar with Pistachio 65 g

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Chocolate is one of the most popular desserts. It gets a unique taste when pistachios are added to it. Chocolate and pistachios are an incredible duo. When these flavours come together, a marvel of taste emerges. Ulker Pistachio white square Turkish market chocolate comes to you with a wonderful dessert taste.

Ulker White Chocolate Bar with Pistachio 65 g

White chocolate is a completely different flavour. Pistachios also enhance any dessert they are added to. It is impossible to describe the perfect pistachio white chocolate taste that emerges when white chocolate and pistachios combine. Square chocolates that you can throw in your bag to satisfy your sweet cravings are ready for you to eat at any time. Even one square of Turkish market square chocolate is enough to experience a unique taste. Chocolates that you will not be able to resist after biting once are waiting on the shelves to reach you. Those who know the love of white chocolate know. Just as the pleasure of eating chocolate is greater, the pleasure of eating chocolate with pistachios is completely different.

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