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Fresh Green Pepper (Yesil Aci Sivri Biber)

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There are beta carotene, vitamins A, P, K, B1, B2 and E and minerals in the pepper, which has three types: bell peppers, pointed and green peppers. Experts state that the raw form of this food, which is the main ingredient in salads and meals, has many health benefits. Pepper grown in areas with plenty of water will turn red and taste bitter as it stays in the sun. There are three types of stuffed Turkish market peppers belonging to the eggplant family, gin and hot.

Fresh Green Pepper

The pepper, which is frequently consumed in our country, is dried in the sun and ground into powder and used as chili pepper or green pepper by crushing it. It is rich in vitamin C and has strong antioxidant properties. The raw and non-spicy form of Turkish market pepper, which is also used in cooking by making paste, is effective in regulating digestion and renewing the nervous system. Thanks to this feature, experts recommend it to be consumed at breakfast. Pepper consumed for breakfast both stimulates appetite and gives energy. In addition, it reduces the desire for junk food and allows the body to consume healthy foods.

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