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Tukas Corn ( Misir) 3*220g

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You can easily use it in salads, in the making of various sauces, in your pasta or rice, and 220 gr Tukas Corn product, each of which is advantageous, is waiting for you in the cheapest supermarket shelves. You can prepare unique presentations by using the food, which is useful in many ways, in your recipes. You can always safely consume this additive and preservative-free product with your family and loved ones.

Tukas Corn 3*220g

You can spice up your sandwiches with Tukas Corn product, easily prepare the sauce corn sold on the streets yourself and consume it with peace of mind, give even the simplest meals an air of striving for hours, and prepare salads that will appeal to both your stomach and your eyes. All you have to do to achieve all this is to add Tukas Corn 3*220g, which is available at the cheapest supermarket, to your cart.

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